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Attorneys Ashley Albertsen and Melissa Oestmann

“I contacted Melissa to help get custody of my daughter. I live in Wisconsin, and my daughter lived in Nebraska with her mother in a very unsafe environment. Melissa explained the process, how long it would take, and was able to make the custody change happen in a timely manner for less than what she estimated it would cost me. My daughter and I are so happy now, and she is in a safe and loving family environment. I just can’t thank you enough, Melissa. You helped save my daughter’s life.”

– Dante M.

“I had finally hit the point in my life that I needed to file for custody and child support. My daughter’s father was threatening to take me to court and seek full custody of our then 3-year-old child. When I contacted Ms. Oestmann, I was stressed and overwhelmed, thinking about the process and the possibility of losing custody of my daughter. Ms. Oestmann calmed me down by explaining the process, the law, and what I should expect in the upcoming months.

Every time that I had a question, she quickly calmed my fears, answered my questions, and explained the process in simple terms that I could understand. Ms. Oestmann was able to save me money by avoiding trial. Ms. Oestmann negotiated a parenting plan that, to this day, is still working for us and makes all three of us happy.”

– Ashley L.

“Oestmann & Albertsen Law P.C. L.L.O. drafted a will for my family. They were very professional and friendly when we were in their office. The wills were drawn up in a timely manner, and the attorneys worked around our schedule to meet with us. This law firm is wonderful in helping us know my family’s finances are secure.”

– Lori Z.

“My son’s father, who had been absent for almost 3 years, decided that he wanted to take me to court for custody of our almost 4-year-old son in order to avoid child support. That’s when I found Ms. Oestmann. It was a horrible and exhausting situation for everyone involved. Ms. Oestmann helped me through each step, and even talked me through some very emotional situations and gave me really good advice on how to handle it all. She and her team worked endlessly to find all of the truth behind his lies and to represent my son and me in our best interests. In the end, we avoided trial, my husband was allowed to adopt my son, and his father is completely out of our lives. This was the best possible scenario, and it was all due to how hard Ms. Oestmann and her team worked and how much she advocates for her clients.”

– Ashley R.

“Thank you so much for everything that you have done to make the divorce process as smooth as possible. Every time I needed something, you and your staff were more than accommodating. My appointment is always kept and I always felt that all of my questions and concerns were answered and put to ease. I definitely would recommend this law office to anyone I know.”

– McKenna G.

“Thank you so much for the support and guidance your firm offered me in the filing process of my divorce. It was a long road before I contacted you for help. You and your staff were always on top of the paperwork and willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had during the process. Your staff and you were very supportive and always kept appointments. Thanks again, and I would recommend your law firm to anyone that needs a great attorney and support staff.”

– Shawna V.